How much democracy can withstand the EU?

Why there can be no real democracy in the EU?


In the past half century of unification efforts of European countries, democracy has largely come under the wheels.


What ordinary people will still look through the many Brussels institutions and laws forging?
Can we, the word democracy in general put in their mouths when the EU political elite is not elected directly by the people and the voices of the citizens do not even have the same value, so there are citizens 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade? Ten German include, for example, less than a Luxembourg!



The EU's class franchise:
The EU does not even accept the simplest democratic principles. Because the voices of ten Germans count as less than that of a single Luxembourger. In this election fraud throughout the EU is built.


More Europe means less democracy!
Even behind the national democracy hides actually more of a pseudo-democracy, as the below brief discussion illustrates.

but what the EU is concerned, even the last of shame seems to have been lost. The will of the citizen is largely banned from this confused, interlaced system. A registered and almost faceless bureaucracy machinery adopts unstoppable new regulations that increasingly restrict the European population and economy and harass.


More Europe means less Germany!
Of panic, the EU and the euro could fail because of its many contradictions and absurdities, is eagerly refilled and called for a much more far-reaching European integration.

Finally German leaders let the cat out of the bag and ask blatantly "The United States of Europe".
But is not fooled here again with unattainable visions an apparent solution? Most Europeans oppose further disempowerment of their traditional nation states strictly! A European federal state as the new superpower is certainly no consent.

The strategic context of the new thrust is clear: the German population are the necessary debt cuts and rescue packages are made palatable. The investment in the maintenance of the transfer and debt union will pay off later, so the message.

With great effort is therefore a gamble on the future of Germany and Europe. The chances are rather bad, that the financial markets can be calm in this way. Waning confidence in the omnipotence of the ECB and the cheap flood of money, breaking everything together.

 The European Poker game can end as tragic as Hitler Taktiererei. In the end, the citizens have to pay for everything. The old governments are then dropped in disgrace and the new representatives promise to do better. So usually always end megalomania and political Toll boldness.


A German counts for a lot less!
Although the citizens of distressed euro countries feel disenfranchised from Germany, the Germans are still underrepresented in all European bodies - the number of their representatives does not correspond to the high population.

Particularly evident this imbalance with the European Commission, where each state (regardless of size) may only send a representative will.

As with a real representative democracy, the allocation of seats and weighting of votes should be showing red numbers in brackets.


Population in Mill.


Seats in the EP

Votes in the Council



1 (1)

99 (99)

29 (29)



1 (0,005)

6 (0,5)

3 (0,14)



1 (0,006)

6 (0,6)

4 (0,18)



1 (0,01)

6 (1)

4 (0,28)



1 (0,016)

6 (1,6)

4 (0,46)



1 (0,026)

8 (2,5)

4 (0,74)



1 (0,027)

9 (2,7)

4 (0,78)



1 (0,039)

12 (3,9)

7 (1,1)



1 (0,055)

12 (5,4)

7 (1,6)



1 (0,066)

13 (6,5)

7 (1,9)



1 (0,066)

13 (6,5)

7 (1,9)



1 (0,068)

13 (6,8)

7 (2)



1 (0,092)

18 (9,1)

10 (2,7)



1 (0,103)

19 (10,2)

10 (3)



1 (0,115)

20 (11,4)

10 (3,3)



1 (0,122)

22 (12,1)

12 (3,5)

Czech Republic


1 (0,128)

22 (12,7)

12 (3,7)



1 (0,13)

22 (12,8)

12 (3,8)



1 (0,138)

22 (13,7)

12 (4)



1 (0,134)

22 (13,3)

12 (3,9)



1 (0,204)

26 (20,2)

13 (5,9)



1 (0,262)

33 (25,9)

14 (7,6)



1 (0,467)

51 (46,2)

27 (13,5)



1 (0,565)

54 (55,9)

27 (16,4)



1 (0,74)

73 (73,3)

29 (21,5)

Great Britain


1 (0,763)

73 (75,5)

29 (22,1)



1 (0,795)

74 (78,7)

29 (23)



27 (6,14)

754 (608)

345 (178)

What would be so wrong with that when the voice of a German could have just as much weight as that of Maltesers, Cypriot, Greek, etc.?

European democracy is largely dead, but even in the national parliaments of the will of the citizen hardly matters!


What can voters do not affect?

How important are still national parliamentary elections, when the contents of the parties hardly differ? Can the electorate with its vote at all still take on the future policy of the State a significant influence? Hardly - because the things that are really important, not open for discussion!

The Kluge promises and the fool is pleased!
Before each election, the same proven ritual takes place: There are sown new hopes and promises made! The new project or the new minister will finally solve the problems - is the message. Each party pretends to have worked out better concept - praised his own ability, the plans of the enemies are ridiculed or even dragged through the mud.

Here, this whole debate is increasingly coming to the charade, because the party programs often differ only in nuances.
Whether the environmental tax increases and wage tax is reduced or vice versa, if the supplementary pension or health reform in version A, B or C are enforced - anything goes past the actual topic. For more than 25 years trying to make a difference with the yard strategy, came out of it nothing.

Apparently, many politicians actually think they could impress the electorate with their eternal Bagatelles and show fighting and keeping them happy. It seems to be the motto that addressed the real problem under any circumstances, let then must be discussed. For if thought seriously about solving the real problems that would have to talk about things that are absolutely taboo today.

What changes by the outcome of the elections?
Even the outcome of federal elections has now only of minor importance. Whether the party A, B or C takes the helm, which thereby changes already big? No matter which team wins, it will weitergewurstelt as before and the really important issues are not addressed.


The relevant questions are ignored!
If there were a serious democracy, the parties would have to ask my opinion, these questions:

1. Is the party ready to seriously address the problems of mass unemployment and over 30 years of sustained loss of purchasing power?
Does she therefore the guts to reflect on appropriate customs borders (within the EU)?

2. Is the party ready to work for the introduction of nationwide referendums?
(Per referendum would be the euro, the spelling reform, many EU expansion and enabling laws certainly not come through).

3. How honest the party, when it comes to the future of the EU?
Does she speak openly about the risks permanent extension?
How they envisage the future financing of the EU?
Does she see Germany again as paymaster?

4. What role should the future EU play?
Is a gradual dissolution of nation states planned? It is believed that a "Greater European Reich" easier to govern and would be more efficient?

5. Power the party thought about how a completely inhomogeneous debt union can exist in the long term?
Can not it be that in a compromising the high-wage countries ever to real wage increases "common market"? Until the previously underdeveloped countries (Romania, Bulgaria, etc.) have finally reached the higher level?

6. If the wage adjustment progresses little or too slow, it does not come then to unjustifiable migration?
In an open EU labor market, people will not ever practice in underdeveloped Eastern European countries in patience. If the hope of recovery fades, hordes of economic migrants to use their freedom of establishment and flock to the high-wage countries.
Unattractive States and regions deserted, while the target countries cope with the influx barely. Will not you see this problem? If you want to dumb down the population forever and a [ ]shortage of
skilled labor pretend?

Politicians and media people trying desperately to assert with us there would be no taboos about everything being discussed openly and honestly. But the points listed above are seriously debated? Whoever holds out the six basic questions from the discussion and instead argue about subordinated issues (eg., Via the minimum wage), operates in my opinion, a hypocritical policy.


Excuse me!
There is no equality of opportunity - even when it comes to forming opinions. While the capital (corporations, speculators, lobbyists, media, governments) can afford the best translators, I have to settle for a simple language program for financial reasons. I hope, however, that the text is nevertheless reasonably understandable and that no major mistakes have occurred. Thank you for your understanding.
Manfred Julius Müller, 24939 Flensburg (Flensburg has approx. 90,000 inhabitants and lies on the German-Danish border)


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Through decades of brainwashing, the corporate lobby has succeeded in making radical ideologies a matter of course!
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