The fear of British farmers before the Brexit!
"Without EU agricultural subsidies we can not survive!"


How much the population is intimidated by dubious arguments, illustrated by the example of British farmers. 10 days before the referendum, they fear the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum because they feel they have to rely on EU subsidies.
"We live but more of that," they complain. "Without this aid money we can not keep our farms."

Here, this fear is totally inappropriate and transfigures the previous decline. Because does not have the courtyards dying only used with the accession to the EU for the British really?
Therefore, there is little doubt: After a withdrawal from the EU, it would be most UK farmers decidedly better - they could very well do without the humiliating, addictive EU subsidies.
By the way: The agricultural subsidies do not fall from the sky, they are not God's gift. They are applied by the taxpayer rather by an expensive, complex allocation procedure. A large part of the price of the food the consumer pays not directly at the checkout, but to the tax office.


Without EU the British government could save the county in a snap!
Even without subsidies!

After a Brexit the British government would need only set guaranteed prices - combined with a quota system that reverses and the process of concentration in agriculture again.
So could the dairy farmers as a guaranteed price of 45 cents per liter to be given (a price that is automatically adjusted annually for inflation). The farmers have therefore a secure livelihood, could plan long term again would need fear no drastic fall in prices and not constantly fear for their existence.



Market economy does not work for perishable food!

Anyone who has read my trilogy "Das Kapital" or my numerous essays on the Internet, knows me as a strict advocate of the market economy.
But even a market economists like I have to admit that in perishable foods, the basic principle of supply and demand can not work. Who needs to get rid of perishable goods quickly, sitting on the shorter lever. Therefore, you need state-fixed guaranteed prices in this area. And high import tariffs, which prevent foreign dumping goods flooded the domestic market. Then the factory farming and the use of antibiotics and pesticides could be restricted, in the spirit of animal welfare.


Where such measures are not the foods more expensive?

Ostensibly, yes, not in reality. Without the billions of subsidies the price of milk is expected to rise to 90 cents per liter - and a kilo of pork is also no longer exist for 7 euros. What has to be offset against but in accounting are the subsidies that saves the state.
A family of four might have a month to spend 100 euros more for food. But it also saves about 140 euros in taxes and social security contributions for the subsidies in return. Pensions and social assistance payments will be adjusted to the new circumstances, of course.

In effect, the removal of subsidies increases efficiency!
Because you can save a fortune on red tape (not only to the authorities, the farmers will have to fill in fewer forms and applications).
Basically perform subsidies, even if they were controlled by super intelligent supermen (but which is not the case in general), to wrong incentives and misallocation. Subsidies are the complete opposite of a market economy - they are equated with an inefficient command economy.


A withdrawal from the EU would be the best thing that can happen to the farmers.

Social politicians like to affirm in their speeches how much they really represent the people "who work hard and follow the rules." But if you will look at the situation in agriculture clear how unrealistic these hollow alibi sayings are.

The farmers fighting for their existence, throughout Western Europe, and not just today, but for 50 years. Many farmers work with their family members for an hourly wage of less than 5 euros. And our politicians to look bored, let it happen.
Social assistance is continuously increased, the minimum wage is raised - but the farmers are fobbed off with alms, often live on the substance work until they drop until she finally slipping one day into bankruptcy and lose house and home to large investors.

And then talk fanatical EU leaders their farmers even one without the European Union they were lost, they would have no chance. What an impertinence! With their perfidious deception they often come through yet, because they are strongly supported by the media.
The intimidation of farmers could be crucial in the upcoming referendum, the targeted scare tactics could help the powerful European lobby to undeserved victory.

PS. As for most freelancers, SMEs, workers, employees and retirees - they are insecure in a similar manner and verhohnepipelt. They, too, are fooled by impudent propaganda nonexistent benefits and necessities.


You know this one?
What makes a German farmer, if he wins a million euros in the lottery?
Answer: He strives for another ten years.

 Excuse me!
There is no equal opportunity - also with regard to the formation of opinions. While the capital (corporations, speculators, lobbyists, media, governments) can afford the best translators, I have to settle for financial reasons with a simple language program. I hope that the text is nevertheless reasonably understandable and that no mistakes have occurred. Thank you for your understanding.

Manfred Julius Müller, D-24939 Flensburg (Flensburg has about 90,000 inhabitants and is located on the German-Danish border).


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© Manfred J. Müller, Flensburg, Dezember 2012, Nachtrag Mai/Juni 2016

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