Who is Manfred Julius Müller?

Recently, the requests from people who would like to learn more about me multiply. I have so far held back in this regard, because I like to see it, if my articles and theses are judged totally unbiased and because I want to protect my privacy (there have been several threats against me and my family).

Well, now I recognize that in a time when behind political activities often hide lobby groups, the question of my background is entirely justified.

So: I am the owner of a warehouse for photo accessories. I consider myself ideologically open and unbiased - over time I've CDU, FDP, Greens and SPD already elected several times. Although I am 10 years passive member of a large People's Party, but for me this also means no political determination. Also today I orient myself before each election to the practical use and enforceability of the current party or government program.

I belong to no other organization and does not support the goals of any groups and will also not funded or supported by others.
Politically I am an absolute loner and erarbeite my analyzes and articles completely independent and not influenced by others.


I have been following what goals?
Quite often I am asked for my goals, what irritates me a little. I thought that this nevertheless clear from my essays: To me it's all about the correction of the capitalist system for the better, a global broad prosperity, justice, fair remuneration and the rise of living standards in line with productivity gains.
In addition, I try of course to contribute to the strengthening of democracy, environmental protection and peace.

Sometimes accused me pursue my own interests and seeks to enhance only the sale of my books. This accusation is more than absurd and spiteful. Because the internet I put most of my work to the general public free of charge. The book anti-globalization, it is even completely free and as PDF on the Internet. The sale of my books is just a small side aspect and is completely financially insignificant compared to what I earn with my mail order.


How I came to politics ...
From a young age I was interested in the economy and global economic contexts. I read the business pages of the newspaper and the mirror, watching attentively economic changes in the harsh reality and drew me on this base over time their own ideas and theories.

But actually, I never intended to contact my findings somehow to the public. This happened only when the economic problems in Germany loomed increasingly, as the unemployment rate and the national debt increased and real wages is unhooked from the development of productivity.

I could not understand was reacted with what improper means to the new situation. The only reason I began to actively turn me into economic policy.

I corresponded and spoke with prominent federal politicians and gave them my thoughts.
In May 1993, I brought a new magazine out of a political appendix to present my views to a wider readership. Readers were able to vote by ballot of all my suggestions (at that time an absolute novelty).
On the back of the magazine's political prominence was listed, was the magazine (unsolicited) additionally distributed (the Poliktiker a little of their duty). These were usually to the Federal Chancellor, the Federal Minister / inside and the prime ministers of the countries.

From this action is partly an encouraging correspondence developed. In 2001 I finally published my first book and got a little later also to the Internet. Today I operate more than 30 political websites that are enjoying an ever-growing popularity. Meanwhile (2007) come to these sites in total annually about 700,000 visitors.

 Manfred Julius Müller, December 2007

Addendum December 2017:
The unequal fight for interpretation sovereignty ...
Capital has largely won the unequal struggle for interpretive sovereignty! Because their representatives swim in money and the best advocates and Verklärer (beautiful speakers, twisting artists, lawyers, scribblers, prominent Mietmäuler etc.) can afford and even have their own "think tanks" (economic institutes, lobby networks, interest groups), the non-stop capital-friendly News, statements and "studies" spread.

It is difficult to arrive against that. Since I abhor violence and radicalism in principle, I have only the way to inspire open-minded information and information open-minded people for politics. The much maligned Internet finally offers the chance to change something sustainably and to curb the enormous power of capital.
Therefore my request to you: If you like some of my clarifications, texts and analyzes, send the corresponding links to friends and acquaintances.

It is important to expose over decades and centuries cleverly constructed prejudices and heresies. This is the only way to win the fight against capital, against casino capitalism, against misanthropic globalization and the EU. Let's not allow anything that an over-abundant establishment does not like to be vilified as fake news or right-wing populism.

PS: Just yesterday I read again some globalization anthems (with outstanding google ranking) of the alleged Hochintelligenz. Hard to bear how facts are twisted there and the logic is raped. Who uses his rhetorical talent to support cemented heresies, in my eyes a pitiful bastard.

My innermost beliefs:
Rejection of any violence (a matter of course), rejection of racism, history clipping, ignorance, ideological stubbornness, sedition, anti-German sentiment, national duping, rejection of a national, multicultural or religious fanaticism. I value objectivity in the factual dispute, expect respect for righteous dissenters, humanity and helpfulness within the feasible and useful.


Excuse me!
There is no equal opportunity - also with regard to the formation of opinions. While the capital (corporations, speculators, lobbyists, media, governments) can afford the best translators, I have to settle for financial reasons with a simple language program. I hope that the text is nevertheless reasonably understandable and that no mistakes have occurred. Thank you for your understanding.

Manfred Julius Müller, D-24939 Flensburg (Flensburg has about 90,000 inhabitants and is located on the German-Danish border).

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Manfred Julius Müller has analyzed global economic processes for more than 30 years. He is the author of various books on the topics of globalization, capitalism and politics. Some texts by Manfred Julius Müller also found their way into textbooks or are used for teacher training.

Current books by Manfred Julius Müller (unfortunately currently only available in German):
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Globalization: the ignorance of the facts


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