"We want an open Europe!"

Even at school youths are suggestive sworn to an "open Europe". Suggestive - because the human mind is in this pun involuntarily an association with the opposite. And who wants a "closed, insular" Europe?

What disappears with the bold slogan "open Europe", shows up when you transfer the hidden in demand at his own home. Our fully comprehensive welfare state make all-laden in the world accessible to most natural thing in the world appears thoughtless Samaritans. But none of these welfare believing gooders would have the idea to make his own home strangers or available to the public free of charge.

Will it concretely and personally, the generous free spirit is suddenly wide awake. The anonymous state one can expect wait, what did not come to oneself completely in question. If the abstract, alienated state spends annually 50 billion euros alone for the supply and integration of incoming from distant parts of the world refugees, it seems not a problem for many poled to charity hypocrites. Only when they themselves should share their own home with needy they realize how absurd can be a misunderstood humanism.


"I'm supposed to start work, I do not like? "

Tunisia is considered by many politicians as a model - it is the only country in the years before the Islamic Spring contributed to democratization.
But economically, the problems remained largely unresolved. More than half of the Tunisian men is still unemployed. Many of them spend the day in bars. And there spitting sounds great, "Before I make a work that does not like it, I'm sitting here and would rather play with my friends card". In this, unfortunately, frequently encountered arrogant basic attitude should be hardly surprised by the economic difficulties of Tunisia and Africa. Unfortunately, our "open Europe" promotes Off The entitlement and makes a misogynistic, patriarchal mentality feed.

If the lucky ticket can not get flown or nepotism not brought a convenient dream job, you try halt in social Germany. The mother of the Berlin-assassin Amri (12 fatalities) recently declared on television, what a nice person her son had been. "What has Europe done to him?" She asked accusingly. "He was there, but only to study."


"We do not trash Germany!"

Even more striking is it, you think of the recent rallies in Tunisia, in which demonstrated against the return of rejected asylum seekers. The Tunisian population obviously wants their own countrymen not take back and expressed their displeasure with cheeky slogans ( "We do not trash Germany!"). It is European countries so far succeeded only in exceptional cases, even to enforce returns.

This example also shows how the German culture of welcome is misunderstood and what the consequences are if this country stupid way and falsely lack of skilled workers is proclaimed (although at least 10 million regular, social insurance contributions are missing) and it is often said, "we" benefit from the EU , the euro, globalization, the duty-free trade and immigration. Being but the earned income and pensions have fallen since 1980!
Our unrealistic, schönfärberische self-congratulation ( "never we were doing as good as today") obscures not only our own political thinking, it stirs even the aloof entitlement mentality of many people in distant developing countries.


Misunderstood human rights:
home a la carte?

Is it in the age of globalization actually a legal right to be allowed to choose his home for personal prosperity interests? Have poverty refugees in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, a claim to be included in a rich welfare state of their choice and integrated?

I think this stirred up by left-leaning media entitlement for unhelpful. The problems in developing countries do not dissolve due to the exodus of its population. On the contrary: the bleeding of the country much-needed reforms be delayed. It's so much more convenient to just run away, rather than participate in building the homeland.

The high standard of living in the Western world is based on the hard privation building power of our ancestors. You have toiled under miserable conditions 70 to 80 hours a week, further formed, productivity driven, eliminating the feudal system and fought for civil rights.


Is the European model too strenuous?

Poverty refugees seem no more willing to emulate this success story. You want a big car, a nice house, a life in prosperity - but not in a few decades, but now!
They feel little desire to fight against injustice, corruption, crime, comfort, inertia and religious fanaticism in their own country. They refuse, outdated traditions (fatalism, superstition, high birth rates) to reconsider and adapt to the new time.


Rich countries must take the poor peoples with open arms?

So the West is obliged auszubaden the irresponsible population explosion in many developing countries by the policy of open borders and a generous asylum? Is it up to the West to intervene militarily everywhere to pacify civil war and corrupt countries to reform backward states?

Once before, some European countries have verhoben on this mammoth task. About the colonization they tried to modernize backward states. But all these projects failed. The colonization is now generally regarded as a time of exploitation and enslavement. What she was partially - but not in general.

The German Empire has invested, for example, before the first World War a lot of money and effort in reforming its African colonies and even made a high death toll (uprising of the Hereros). In appreciation is accused of genocide and Germany now demanded today (after more than 110 years) financial compensation.

the Hereros to that against the German reformer (which they saw as occupiers) rebelled, not least due to the demanded (unusual) work ethic. For the male population, there was now much more pleasant time to chase the traditions according to wildlife or to herd cattle, rather than submit to the European style of working a 70-hour week.

But nothing comes from nothing. The misery of early capitalism owes Western Europe its present high standard of living. Africans themselves have adapted to the European way of life 110 years ago, the resource-rich continent would certainly stand quite different today. Then Africans would hardly get the idea, his salvation solely in the Promised Land (Germany) to seek and even fancy to have a right to it.


Africa can take advantage of the blessings of progress today!

The research and inventions of the industrial nations in the last two centuries that have engulfed converted Zigbillionen (ie thousands of billion) euros, humanity owes a ten-fold increase in productivity.

From this ingenious accumulation of knowledge and the poor countries can benefit long. You can use the knowledge that multiply crop yields revolutionize transportation, facilitate communication dramatically.
The new technology allows them to skip several stages of development. You do not need expensive coal or nuclear power plants and expensive transmission lines more, they can produce electricity on site by alternative energy (solar, wind, etc.).
Also expensive telephone lines that run through the country, are now largely redundant. The advances in medicine, they often are at special rates available - as well as generous development assistance, debt relief and the high volume of transfer payments from expatriate family members.

Under such favorable conditions, it should not really be too difficult to introduce their country to the western standard of living.
Other underdeveloped countries have to connect eventually found himself the great Volksrepublik China under far more difficult conditions. The Chinese population has been through hard times, but now stands is relatively splendidly - and largely unassisted. The Chinese population has reformed the land of their ancestors and even built without seeking their salvation far from home and maintain an absurd sense of entitlement.


Germany is the social welfare office in the world?

Why create the impression in the media constantly, Germany and the EU are responsible for all the misery in distant parts of the world?
We are not the elect, the sole guardian of human rights! Is not aware of our good people that they awaken with their eternal self-accusations false hopes?
If African countries want nothing against their population explosion, they'll just have to live with the consequences! The Indians, for example, try yet, but cope and rebuild their own country. Hardly any of them thinks he can nestle in the German welfare state. The Indians seem to have a different mentality.


The Agenda 2010 turns out to immigrant families as a stroke of luck!

Much better it would have been in paradise hardly can be! A work-free, government-guaranteed all-round full supply for the whole extended family, if need be even a lifetime or for generations.
A State studiously explain where social workers and interpreters of all kinds of rights and special services, and where even the processing against negative decisions are free of charge.
For such glory many long-distance travelers are understandably willing to live with "infidels" in a country whose culture, language, social and religious tolerance they actually despise from scratch. Because such a dreamland, there is neither in Africa nor in Asia.


"Europe of humanity committed to that!"

Yes true, but every good intent can also lead to abuse. Especially as the humanity can be interpreted quite differently. What are EU citizens make every effort to meet the lofty claims?
So requires humanity to receive all refugees in the world with open arms to accommodate them to feed, educate, integrate and create great jobs for them. An upper limit may not give it to yes. Therefore, it will never be enough. The better off the refugees with us, the more stragglers will come. This resulted in a spiral developed without end.

Muslim refugees praise Allah because he led them to the promised land, meanwhile, our workers have to pay higher taxes for the immense costs. Germany will probably have to spend in 2017 about 50 billion euros for refugees again.
But still complain noble Christians and blinded Samaritan, it was decided too little, still you insist on human rights and in confronting us accusing the horrific images of drowned refugees in the Mediterranean, overcrowded camps in Greece and Italy and the storming high barbed wire fences at Europe's borders.
It requires that Visa or asylum applications are already issued in the embassies of the countries of origin and that our state pays the travel costs (to the tractor mischief curb).

It is notable that the most naive claims often come from people who themselves pay little in the social system and do not know the normal working day.
They live in the mistaken idea that the welfare state must stop to pay for everything. Do not rack their brains over where is the money supposed to come from, or imagine that you need yet more taxing only the corporations, the rich and the wealthy. How this would work in a globalized world of tax dumping, it does not trouble.


The unfortunate instrumentalization of Christianity

The Christian is doomed to sacrifice themselves? When it comes people of Afghanistan or Somalia bad, are not about their co-religionists in neighboring states have a duty - but we, the German and European Christians should it once again set (apart from the usual benefits of development aid and debt relief).

The commands allegedly already our Christian charity. The word "neighbor" surely seems somewhat inappropriate at a distance of over 5,000 kilometers.
Why Christians play a special role when it comes to the misery in the world? Why thinks the clergy of having to talk to his flock conscience. Life may feel some of them in a cloud cuckoo land or how intimidated in past centuries the common people, moralize and to harass?

When is a mantra only and admonishing appealing to the values of Christianity over again, I get a thick neck. It still believes to be able to demand from the Christians more than any other?
Islam is well known, called non-Muslims as infidels. Are Christians and Jews still called (ie, its global spread) to support the objective of Islam? How to think as a Christian and act, I let myself do not like to prescribe, if necessary, you have to excommunicate me stop.


Do not allow the division of our society!

Whenever preachers of hate are the opponents of the welcoming culture as dishonorable people to the fronts harden. Why do you do that? Why can not represent everyone has their own opinion, without becoming stigmatized or insulted? Is anyone who rejects an "open Europe" and wants to stop the creeping reconstruction of his homeland for multi-cultural multi-ethnic state, really a xenophobe? How can you spread such nonsense, how can you be so hateful and intolerant?


Addendum 16. 3. 2017:
Wilders Party is the second strongest in the Netherlands!

In the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, the two right-wing parties emerged victorious, while the formerly largest party of the Social Democrats crashed disastrously.
The good performance and beachtlliche increase in votes of Wilders is all the more astonishing considering with what ferocity of the supposed right-wing politician was attacked from all sides. After all, it is still the media that decide an election.

When the average person hears a hundred times a day, Wilders plans are regressive, wicked and dangerous, while the familiar standard programs of the established parties are glossed with the tongues of angels, which of course has an effect.
Had the media neutral and impartial (they would only factually argue) would Wilders probably won the election by a wide margin.


Excuse me!
There is no equality of opportunity - even when it comes to forming opinions. While the capital (corporations, speculators, lobbyists, media, governments) can afford the best translators, I have to settle for a simple language program for financial reasons. I hope, however, that the text is nevertheless reasonably understandable and that no major mistakes have occurred. Thank you for your understanding.

Manfred Julius Müller, 24939 Flensburg (Flensburg has approx. 90,000 inhabitants and lies on the German-Danish border)


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